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On hiatus, but available for special events.

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Kick The Dog Band Heads to the Doghouse.  

After a decade, Kick The Dog will be playing our final shows before taking a hiatus.  We’ve always tried to do more than just playing cover songs well; we wanted to be fun, entertaining, and involve our fans in the party!  Our band’s lineup is the best it’s ever been; we’re a family.  But a lot changes over 10 years…

While in Kick The Dog, our members have:

  • Seen relationships come and go
  • Brought about a half dozen kids into our lives
  • Experienced numerous jobs changes
  • Adopted pets
  • And seen our favorite pet companions pass away

Through all this change, and over the course of hundreds of shows, we’ve made sure Kick The Dog kept rockin’.  However, we’ve recently decided to put the band on hiatus and do some other things.  We encourage you to come out and see our other musical endeavors and continue supporting live, local music during this time off.

We want to thank our sound techs, vendors, venues, and especially our fans for all the support over the past decade!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our last shows are posted and we really hope to see you out for our final lap!

Rick Rock and Kick The Dog Band

Tail Waggin' Good Times!